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Options for a bigger penis?

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  • Options for a bigger penis?

    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum. I just wanted to know more about what pmma is and if there are other options for penis enlargement? I've never thought about penis enlargement until my ex told me the real reason why she broke up with me. Any advice would help

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    Whatís your size now if you donít mind me asking?


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      uncircumcised well right now I'm 4.5 in length and about 4in in girth. I knew I wasn't really big but I thought she was ok with it. I just turned 22.


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        Gusher, I am sorry to hear that she told you that. Shit like that really knocks a mans self esteem down. Are you in the states or from over seas? I hope you donít let that bother you too much and really find what it is you want weather you decide to go for enhancements or just find a better woman. What ever you decide just be you and thatís all that matters. Your still young, donít let it eat you out. ✌️


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          Gush are you into natural pe or looking for a more permanent solution? At your current size, natural pe is at least worth a shot to try and get some gains before moving on to more complex methods like injections or surgery.


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            earl I understand that earl. I guess I was just wanting a quick solution. What kind of PE do you do?


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              Gusher09 its just crazy how girls respond like that. Dude if she really cared, that wouldn't of been a reason for her to leave. You both could have figured it out together. I know earl recommends natural PE and yes its worth a shot but you may could take the path I'm taking too. Have one round pmma so you can gain some girth, do some natural PE to see if you gain some length, then have the lengthening procedure, and then second round of PMMA. I understand how you feel, and it's going to bother you mentally until you get something done. Doing manual PE could take a while. Opting for pmma, and actually seeing a difference will go a long way brother. You'll feel better knowing that you are making progress.
              I have had incredible results with SLE. If you have any questions and would like to speak with me over the phone, contact SLE and tell them you want to speak to Big Cuban Cigar. I've been where you are. Let me help you improve your condfidence.


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                earl are you doing natural PE? What are you measurements now? What have you gained from the excercises?

                Big Cuban Cigar I see what you are saying and yes its bothering me. I'm 22, fresh in my prime, I want to go out and have some fun, sex included but the thought of a girl taking my pants off now is tough. Don't think I'm a pussy or anything like that but this shit is crazy. I want to so something, just doing some research now.


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                  Gusher09, the shit that woman said to you will eat you alive. I totally agree with BCC. Iíd be hurt too if I heard that shit. Iím going for a fat dick first then possibly lengthening and PMMA 2nd round. Lol


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