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I have a question for anyone whos had this done

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  • I have a question for anyone whos had this done

    Does this procedure make your penis feel any different? What I mean is, does it feel like you have a foreign object under the skin/wrapped around your penis or make it feel like its permanently swollen or anything like that? This seems like a procedure that I would be very interested in as long as it keeps my penis feeling 100% normal.

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    I've had one procedure, 43cc, and mine feels perfectly normal.


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      Originally posted by 9_in_Richard View Post
      I've had one procedure, 43cc, and mine feels perfectly normal.
      Have you tested out your new size on your mate yet? Did they have any reaction to the feel or extra size?


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        Unfortunately, I was put on some cholesterol & blood pressure medication. I believe that it is affecting my EQ. Atleast I hope that is what is affecting it, as it should subside when I come off of it.

        Anyway, I have propably only had 4 erections in the last 30 days since the procedure and those were maybe 75%-80%, so I can't really even verify for sure my erect girth. It has been measuring (at those EQ levels 5.5"), which is only .25" larger than pre-procedure, so not really that noticeable in terms of appearance and/or feel.

        I'm roughly 5 weeks post procedure. I have noticed, very recently, the firmness doughnut effect behind and under the glans, as though collagen formation in that area is spotty. When flaccid it is very noticeable to the touch,to me, but not erect.


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          PMMA penis model

          I wish there was a model we could feel prior to the PMMA procedure. I keep trying to imagine what it would feel like inside the penis to have grafts, or PMMA implants.

          I consulted with SLE and a few other pe doctors that also do penis implants and grafts. I've also checked into a couple injection filler doctors that provide the male enhancement girth option with h.a. or pmma. They all claim that the penis is softer and pliable in the flaccid state and hard to harder in the erect state. I'm curious if when all said and done, which option provides the most natural penis results erect and flaccid? Would pmma final results be discernible from say the Elist silicone implant, or Belladerm grafting by Dr. Solomon?


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