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PMMA with Turkey Neck Scrotum

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  • PMMA with Turkey Neck Scrotum

    Great forum! Two questions on my mind: I am in the initial research phase and was curious what results would look like with a penis having an extended web from scrotum about a third way up the penis? I have also noticed that when I used to pump the area behind the glands (bottom side) would sometimes balloon out of proportion. Would the PMMA balloon this area out or am I paranoid?

    I am a young 60 and 6.5" and 4.75 width erect and need more girth to keep the wife in line.


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    I was just wondering the same thing! I also swell up when I hang more than 5 pounds with my vacuum hanger. I don't think pmma is placed in mass quantities underneath the glans, but I have read from several men that swelling may occur in this region, but I'm not sure if swelling in this region from the procedure is the same as lymph fluid buildup from vacuum pe training.

    I'm going to start experimenting with icing after hanging sessions to see if ice can get rid of my "donut effect" faster than just waiting for it to go away, which can take several hours sometimes. I've read that wrapping with sports wrap is popular for a few days after pmma injection to help keep things in shape and to limit swelling.


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      I'm experiencing noticeable puffiness in that spot now and have since the procedure on the 22nd. Time will tell I suppose if that will subside.


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