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Bellafill vs metacrill for permanent result?

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  • Bellafill vs metacrill for permanent result?

    Hello guys can some one give me some shed on bellafill is it a permanent filler like metacrill?

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    anatomical penile pmma enzymes and such

    Originally posted by Chingon View Post
    Hello guys can some one give me some shed on bellafill is it a permanent filler like metacrill?
    I've wondered this myself and have done some reading about different brands of pmma. Metacrill and bellafill are very similar anatomically with 30% concentrations of pmma microspheres. Both brands of pmma are permanent, but differ in price and where it is made. I called SLE a few months ago to discuss the different fillers available. They recommended 20% concentration at higher volumes (30cc-80cc) and have been achieving about 1 inch in erect thickness with their procedures. The out-dated thicker 30% pmma procedure was described as toothpaste-like consistency, and tended to clump up providing less aesthetic results in terms of uniformity. It didn't matter the expense of pmma, 30% bellafill is produced at $500 per cc in San Diego, CA. 30cc's of bellafill would be pricey at $15,000 just for the pmma product.

    According to SLE counselors, the expense did not provide any benefit in size results, or aesthetic outcomes. As I mentioned previously, under a microscope the Brazil pmma product meta-crill and the U.S. bellafill product are nearly identical but differ in price significantly.

    The latest advancement is 20% pmma (Evelo made in Italy). They said that Evelo is "creamier" and tends not to clump as the higher concentrate pmma, and even if it did, they have a 2 part steroid/enzyme injectable system to "reverse pmma, nodules, granular tissue or uneven/lumps that are associated with lower volume/higher concentrates of pmma."

    SLE said this has improved the outcome of pmma and patient satisfaction. They have a lot of patients that had the 30% pmma procedure from another doctor performing the girth enhancement. The pmma was injected at lower volumes and tended to migrate or appear uneven. The injection sites often developed a granula, or hardened in areas/balled up.

    Surgery Life's Dr. Alvarez has over 20 years experience with pmma including the application for body and facial pmma filler procedures. She developed the injectable enzyme treatment that dissolves negative pmma outcomes associated with higher concentrate pmma. SLE described a two-part system delivered via injection that dissolves any form of nodule or lump associated with out-dated pmma aesthetics. They will not release the name of the injectable enzyme as it is a major development for the leading pmma dr's only, and the non-surgical reversal method is not available from any other pe dr.



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      Thank you mr robot for your info ...i will get my procedure with dr Alvarez... i like the idea of bellafill.


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        I believe Bellafil is 20% according to their website.


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