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Penis Enlargement Surgery vs. PMMA

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  • AboveAverageTexan

    Interested in length & girth.

    I'm 7.25" Erect. Grower, not a shower. And since im already @ 7.25", the normal is 2"-3"... So I want a solid 8.5", 9" or a 10" with the girth to go with it. AND MJST LOOK NATURAL!

    I want to add some flacid size overall too, but I believe that will come anyway.

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  • Patrón
    started a topic Penis Enlargement Surgery vs. PMMA

    Penis Enlargement Surgery vs. PMMA

    I get the gist of it, PMMA is injectable and even though anaesthesia is required PMMA is not considered surgery. On the main site, PMMA gives men a permanent .75" to 1.25" girth size increase on average, and penis surgery with dermal grafts give men up to 2 inches of new girth.

    Both PMMA and penis grafting surgery are permanent, but which procedure looks more natural? Can anyone chime in on the difference in "feel" of PMMA vs. penis widening grafts? Also I'm wondering about the order of getting penis procedures done. Can you get dermal graft surgery after PMMA girth thickening, or vice-versa?

    From the videos and pictures I've seen dermal graft penis widening is a major operation! As scary as the penis operations I've seen, the after result is very appealing... but the ease of PMMA and the results are also appealing! I like the SLE Dr. aesthetic approach to penis enlargement surgery and PMMA. PMMA can easily be repeated for additional girth, a second grafting surgery would mean second invasive procedure. Both PMMA and dermal grafts (wouldn't consider Belladerm; the cadaver tissue), seems to increase risks, or decrease aesthetics from my research (I spent the last couple nights reading everything surgery life enhancement and Google has on penis enlargement) and patients report the highest satisfaction from their first procedure, or surgery.

    Lengthening surgery varies in techniques from surgeon to surgeon. The SLE doctor's technique is unique in the method of surgical entry being hidden in the testicle skin folds. The surgery is performed with the penis in the erect state and traction pulls the penis while the surgery is being performed. This method alone intrigues me compared to the other surgical lengthening methods including v-y plasty, vertical or transverse penis lengthening surgery entry sites. SLE moves the incision site away from the penis and this helps with post-op healing and removes the scar restrictions and retractions associated with the other ligament entry techniques. Aesthetically, SLE performs all his procedures with induced erection. Ligs are in different positions when the penis is flaccid and when the penis is erect. It makes sense the SLE Dr. would have more access to the lig/erect position when the penis is in the erect state.

    PMMA adds flaccid penis length gains, not sure if dermal grafts add to flaccid length, or is the ligament surgery required to get this result? I would like to hear from any patient that has had lengthening surgery, PMMA girth thickening, and penis enlargement surgery with grafts.
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