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My experience with speaking with different surgeons

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  • My experience with speaking with different surgeons

    I have done lots of research about having surgery in general on my penis who's the best and what they offer is there a good bedside manner is it gonna be what I'm looking for so on so on. The last 2 1/2 years I've spoken too a doctor out of NY another out of Florida and a few other don't know if I can put names on the forum so I won't until I'm told I can. So there are many ways to get bigger by weight training your penis our getting your penis ligament cut and pulling the rest of your penis out of the inner part of your body.

    I want to speak about girth witch lots of men suffer with and some just want more thickness in general there is alloderm there is grafting there is silicon and other ways as well but what has caught my attention is PMMA I've been hearing that there is no complaints from the patiences that have had the surgery if anything they are jumping with joy speaking highly about the out come and how quickly they healed and and its not painful at all and that they have recommended friends to get the same procedure as well. So I took upon myself to find out more about PMMA and I'm shocked I recommend anyone that is considering on getting it done it's safe compared to the other way for girth enlargement and yes PMMA is permanent and it works from Pictures I've seen.

    I have lots I'd like to talk about so if anyone has any ? Just reply to me and I can answer your ? To the best of my ability I'm not a doctor just have learned a lot from doing research about having surgery.

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    Originally posted by Por Vida View Post
    The last 2 1/2 years I've spoken too a doctor out of NY another out of Florida and a few other don't know if I can put names on the forum so I won't until I'm told I can.
    Welcome aboard Por Vida,

    Yes, SLE encourages discussion about all phalloplasty surgeons, techniques and results.


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      That's great glad I can speak the name of the surgeons I did a conference call with Dr. Loria. He has a practice out of Miami and NYC, and he is new to the art of surgery when it comes to your manly hood. He states on his website no silicon, but that's 100% false. He injects it into your shaft and with speaking to him one on one, and in a conference call with many others on the phone, he didn't make me feel any bit comfortable wanting him to touch me. When I asked him about wanting to get my ligament cut to pull the rest of my shaft out, he steered away from wanting to even do that and said he had other ways to pull your shaft out without cutting your ligament and I ask how and he couldn't give me any direct answer so I had to just end the conversation with him because I just couldn't talk to someone that cuts corners and can't answer you with a straight up answer back.

      So would I personally recommend him to anyone? No way, that's me personally saying that, and he straight up said to me that patients that haven't been successful with the silicon treatment didn't listen to him, but the way I look at it is he is a scatter brain and he doesn't have a clue to what he is doing, and needs to learn from a professional surgeon about doing any type of surgery on any male penis. Last thing I'd advise is, if anyone comes across this and is wondering what he did before tempting to get into the business of making men happy and feeling comfortable in there own skin he did Hair implants big difference hair and then jumping into being a penis surgeon and making claims that I have yet too see backed up.

      I am trying to be polite on this forum, but I feel there is going be a lot of the good surgeons fixing Loria's work because he may not completely understand the dangers of what he is doing. That being said I hope people take this a little bit and think hard before they just jump to get the procedure done and can't wait a couple more months to get it done because the best phalloplasty surgeons schedule is full. So please people pick wisely and ask people on this forum that have true knowledge about the surgery and can recommend you to the right place to get your procedure done. Never jeopardize your manhood because you only have one. Pick the enlargement procedure that best fits you. Not because the price fits you, it should be because you know that you trust your surgeon, and know your safe in their hands. Thanks to all who reads this and have a good day.


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        Thanks for help!


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          Interested in length & girth.

          I'm 7.25" Erect. Grower, not a shower. And since im already @ 7.25", the normal is 2_3"... So I want a solid 8.5", 9" or a 10" with the girth to go with it.


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