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  • Penis lengthening surgery results

    So I had lengthening surgery done by Dr. Colorado done Nov. 29 2021, but my journey started much earlier. I’ve always considered myself an extreme “grower”, to the point where I was never physically comfortable with my penis. My normal flacid penis would never hang and even being circumcised my glans would always be completely covered by my shaft skin. I started seeking help many years ago stretching / pumping nothing seemed to help at all. I ended up finding Dan Salas around 2009 and learned all I could about phalloplasty. This was back when they did abdominal incisions for lengthening and skin grafts for girth. At the time I wasn’t in the financial position to get anything done but over the years Dan stayed in touch with me and I continued to research lengthening surgery.

    I’m going to tell you now that basically everything I found on the internet over the years was pretty much all Bullshit! First of all Dr. Colorado is a master in his field! The scrotal incision he uses is the only way this procedure should be done imho. My erections never changed angle, and my penis is completely stable. I’m gaining flacid as well as erect length and I don’t turtle nearly as much even without having done pmma yet. If anyone is interested in more info or wants to know my stretching routine let me know, I’ll post more if there’s any interest. Bryan.

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    How are the results so far after the lengthening surgery? How much length do you think you gained immediately after the surgery and how much from stretching post surgery?
    i just got PMMA last week and am planning on doing the lengthening surgery in a few months


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      Thanks for the reply Martyeth23. My results have been really good so far, I’ve gained a solid 1” erect length and I don’t turtle nearly as much, my goal is to eliminate the turtling through lengthening and PMMA. Your probably not going to gain erect length immediately after surgery, your length gains come with stretching. Releasing your suspensory ligament allows you to be able to pull your inner penis out. Unfortunately you can’t really put a solid number on what you’ll gain but with Dr Colorados scrotal incision you’ll be able to hang immediately. You really need to start a solid training routine BEFORE you have the procedure. If you don’t already have an LG hanger get one now and use it, get used to hanging 3lbs a couple hours a day.


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        Originally posted by BryanL View Post
        You really need to start a solid training routine BEFORE you have the procedure. If you don’t already have an LG hanger get one now and use it, get used to hanging 3lbs a couple hours a day.
        How long before your phalloplasty procedure did you start your LG hanger routine? Have you tried any other hangers other than vacuum like zen/bib/malehanger for the lower weights (sub 5lb's)? What is your max weight now a days when you train with the LG? There are a couple ways to go with hanging weights, short duration with high weight intensity, or lower weight intensity over long training sessions (over 3 hours). Have you tried these types of sessions, and if you have....Which session gives you the best post-hang and EQ (erection quality)? short & heavy vs. long & light

        Best, Ronan


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          I used the LG for about two months before surgery and I actually use the LG chamber as an ADS I wear it about 22hrs a day, I added weight to it to keep me stretched out and wear it under normal clothes. The LG works so well you don’t need to pull any vacuum to hang 2 pounds or less, it won’t come off. I hang five pounds every night for two hours minimum and usually 3 hours. I’ve hung up to eight pounds but I like the lower weight for longer better. After I hang I sleep with the chamber on and I use a gear keeper to keep a 1.5lb pull on my penis while I sleep. I believe this is key, you want to keep yourself stretched out after hanging and while sleeping because that’s when your body heals itself.

          I did try the noose style Jes extender years ago and threw it away. My thoughts are if your going to make this kind of investment in yourself you need the absolute best supporting equipment and you need to make using it a normal part of your daily routine like putting on socks or taking a shower. I’ll include a pic of how I use the chamber as an ADS.
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