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JJ's Penis Enlargement Surgery Adventures

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  • JJ's Penis Enlargement Surgery Adventures

    Dear friends, this will be lengthy, so prepare yourselves! Who is Daniel Salas? Well, he's my best friend and I have adopted him as my older brother.... I lost my older brother in 2006, so he has filled that role well, being my confidant, advisor and shoulder to cry on. However, I found myself jealous of his large size on the videos.

    Allow me to preface my adventures and let everyone know up front that I am part of the Surgery Life Enhancement team. With instances of penis enlargement surgery and PMMA procedures, I may be somewhat biased, but I am human and my penis is just as important to me as yours is to you!

    So here's me...the "infamous John" and I'm always happy to advise and direct, even if it means doing nothing in terms of augmentation. Picture taken March, 2016.

    Some of you have spoken me and over the past couple of years, I've had the opportunity to talk with thousands of men from all over the world regarding surgical and non-surgical male enhancement. Many of you reading this have talked to me personally, and you have provided Surgery Life with very valuable feedback. Much of the design and composition of Surgery Life Enhancement came directly from you! But this isn't about you, you can always call my number on the web, this is about my story. (We'll get to you soon).

    Let me take you back to the start.

    In 2008, I began my search for penis enlargement options and after trying pills, devices, and natural techniques I became skeptical of penis enlargement being possible. About a year into my research/shopping I came across a popular enlargement site that had all the current info about penis enlargement surgery techniques straight from the patients themselves. At the time, the only available information about enlargement surgery from the patient perspective was available there, opposed to surgeons' marketing sites, and this intrigued me. The site took me deeper than the doctors' images of handsome and confident men at the beach with their dominated and mesmerized mate. Replacing these ads with blood, guts, and the truth. 100's of graphic images and videos of phalloplasty patients started to emerge. I decided to call the clinic and was very surprised how candid the consultation was.

    At the time, I decided not to schedule a surgery after learning how intensive the post-op was and considerable risks involved with surgical procedures. I wanted to have my length and girth done at the same time but was advised against this because it wouldn't live up to my ultimate goals. This was depressing, to say the least. In the next couple of years, I became really close friends with Dan Salas. Dan often took time out of his busy schedule to answer my very technical questions. In 2011, I visited Dan for an in-person consultation in San Diego. He was working with a new surgeon in Tijuana and was evolving new techniques for phalloplasty with this talented surgeon. Dan was very excited about the success of the new methods and wanted to show me these new techniques first hand. At the time I was living in Coronado, literally right down street―I decided to take that trip.

    The previous dermal graft inversion technique was being replaced with a new reverse furlough inserter technique. This surgical advancement limited the previous two dermal incisions to one. With this technique, the incision below the glans is no longer needed for successful grafting and eliminating the incision behind the head greatly reduced complications related to the widening surgery. At the time, the clinic was also performing the enhancement procedures in the penis erect state. I was blown away by the meeting and I decided to start planning for my own phalloplasty.

    With my pre-surgery bone pressed flaccid stretch length being 6 inches, I was also a candidate for the lengthening and dermal widening surgery at the same time utilizing this new surgical technique. Combining the surgeries decreased the price of my phalloplasty by nearly thirty percent. The clinic still advises against dual procedures if men are below 6 inches of bone pressed flaccid length. (Dual procedures such as lengthening with PMMA are not performed at all)... My phalloplasty surgery was staged in 3 parts. The doctor induced my penis to have an erection with Trimix, Dermal Grafts were harvested, next penis lengthening surgery was performed, then finally dermal grafting. The surgery took about 4 hours and when I woke up the staff was smiling at me and when I looked down, my life changed forever.

    Post-op care for dermal grafting was a lot less intense than I thought it would be. Mostly, I remember the erections that popped up the first couple days being very uncomfortable, but after a few good woodies, I was good to go. I was single at the time and I think that was a key factor to my success. If I wanted sex, I would have to go out and work for it lol. Waiting the 6 weeks with a new "porno dick" must be really difficult when a girl is right there ready for it. In fact, I hear this from guys all the time.

    I was a new man, and I took the extra time to make other positive changes in my life. I started to intensify my workouts, ate right, and got rid of a lot of negativity in my life. All said and done, my dick was now 7 inches long and 7 inches thick―I was very thankful for this core change. I made myself available for a testimonial to men that were considering surgery or were looking into reconstructions from outdated techniques.

    In 2013, I retired from my life-long career and devoted my efforts 100% toward male enhancement. If this was possible in my life, it is possible in any man's life. First order of business, a long deserved break was needed before I could fully devote myself to such a project! In my professional life, I had visited China (SAR) 4 times previous to my phalloplasty. One of the awesome things about Hong Kong is the women, and like TJ, anything and everything goes. You want it, they got it. As much as I wanted to divulge in this oriental mecca sex fantasy, I was not confident and I avoided the sure thing. I decided to go back for leisure and set the record straight, at least in my own mind. Let me tell you, there is nothing more beautiful than four hometown oriental girls devouring a 7 by 7 and best of all this was me (I got to see this in my minds eye) and to think it was me...a guy that was too shy just a few years previous for this one small reason. My penis.

    I am ready for any challenge! 2013- JJ Does Hong Kong! (The fourth girl took the pictures)!

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    Thank you all, for everything. Because of your feedback and support, I had 15cc's of PMMA performed by Surgery Life Enhancement's own Dr. Alvarez and I'm coming up on 2 weeks this Thursday! I wanted to take my girth past 7 inches, trust me four oriental chicks had no problem taking all of me LOL! To celebrate my new found girth, Danny's taking me out to the amazing & infamous La Cueva del Peludo this Friday night and we plan to do a live video reveal for everyone (ya'll welcome to join)! I will update this thread with the PMMA video reveal this weekend! See you then!

    Danny and I - Grand Hotel, Tijuana before our meeting with HBO February 2016!

    VeryTruly Yours, JJ

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