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    Girlfriend Substitute

    Guys have you seen the incredible advances in realistic love dolls! Seriously, these dolls look amazing, like women you can only dream of! They can be ordered in an almost endless combination of sizes - everything from height to shoe size! Hair Color to multiple faces: amazing!

    Long held stereotypes about sexual, lifelike dolls are being replaced with a greater acceptance for alternative lifestyles. The popularity of these dolls is reported as very high by the manufacturers of these products. Also, I recently witnessed, from the internet, Howard Stern introducing a Real Doll on his show! That may not be a big deal but I mentioned it to demonstrate the attention and recognition placed on the value of such products.

    Now it is not the intention of this post to - put-down - women or to berate women in any way. The title may give someone the wrong - Ideal - about me. I only suggest a substitute is available. Women can never be replaced in importance--that goes without saying! But there are times when some men cannot or wish not to be in long lasting relationships with a woman and the availability of the incredibly lifelike dolls provides men with a new option to traditional sexual avenues.

    The real look and feel of these dolls provide a safe, clean, undemanding, and nonjudgmental outlet for sexual desires which may not otherwise be available to certain men at specific times during their adult lives. I believe there might be some truth to the adage: Use it, or Loose it! - I am currently without a steady girlfriend, and wish to maintain a strong libido, and improve my stamina. A friend suggested I purchase a toy. After some thought and a little research on the internet, I have decided I would like to try one of these very affordable dolls. I am not trying to replace a real woman with a synthetic; I am merely trying to fill in the gaps—no pun intended. I don't want my libido and stamina to suffer from inactivity between relationships.

    One website I visited suggested theses dolls are the exact opposite of a woman because they don't have a down-side, or require a lot of effort to please. I prefer to see them as assistive technology supplementing the requirements of men for sexual satisfaction. Women have long used toys and assistive devices to maintain sexual quality, desires, good health, and overall wellbeing. No doubt men and women have differences but the need for strong, healthy, frequent sex is not one of them. Men no longer need feel ashamed about expressing there sexuality or feel threatened for having - odd - tastes or preferences. Our society is expanding it's acceptance of alternative sexual lifestyles and unions; Same-sex marriage is now law of the land and discrimination illegal.

    I would like to request a little feedback on this topic. Your thoughts, suggestions, and recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

    Does anyone reading this post - actually - own a Real Doll or other brand, lifelike doll? Please provide some comments on its benefits to you in a reply to this post!


    Mr. Ed
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