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Girls Can't take 7 or 8 inches of Girth?

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  • Girls Can't take 7 or 8 inches of Girth?

    I've read a bunch of guys rants on a bunch of different forums, all with a hilariously contradictory mass census, "I don't want to get over six inches of girth because I'll be too massive and chicks won't be able to take my dick!"Not just the facts coming from the adult industry folks, girls I've known and stories I've heard echo this sad fact: Girls can take 8 or 9 inches of girth and come back for more!
    Anyone know the girth of this dildo?

    Another prime example of the amazing stretching vagina!

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    Looks amazing. Did not know they could take up to 7 inches or 8.
    Have you tried this, OP?


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