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Dr. Elist, Urologist, threatens Thundersplace over review

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  • Dr. Elist, Urologist, threatens Thundersplace over review

    Dr. Elist vs over penuma implant review

    In the spring of 2015, the anonymous forum member with the screen name "txhog" detailed his phalloplasty experience he allegedly had with Dr. James Elist of Beverly Hills on the free penis enlargement forum, TxHog's review claims that his Elist implant experience did not fare well and he was riddled with pain, frustration, and deformity as a result of a negative surgical outcome. The thundersplace forum member questioned the urological surgeon's code of ethics, and standards of care. As with most of these forums, we are anonymous and would be far too simple to villainies someone with a completely fabricated negative surgery account. Users should be wary of the source and realize what methods are used to authenticate such accounts, if any.

    TxHog provided a very detailed report including images spanning his 3rd day of the Elist implant through day 54. Images may substantiate reviews, making this fairly believable as far as surgery reports and reviews. From this post, Dr. Elist's attorney alleges, "You have permitted these inaccurate and negative postings to appear on the Website without seeking to verify the veracity of their contents."

    Mr. Benjamin demands the usual suspects: Consequently, on behalf of our client, we hereby demand that (1) you immediately remove the negative content posted by your member "txhog", together with all related threads and postings, from the Website, (2) immediately cease and desist from any further derogatory postings of any kind about Dr. Elist, (3) you immediately provide us with the name and contact information of the user posting such disparaging comments, and (4) you post an announcement in a conspicuous place on the Website acknowledging that the defamatory statements have been removed due to your inability to verify their accuracy. Failure to comply with the foregoing demands will leave our client with no alternative but to take action and seek all legal remedies available to him.

    It would seem a fairly simple remedy would be to have txhog come forward and prove who he is. This would have to involve txhog giving up his anonymity to the admins of This goes against the nature of these enhancement forums but sadly may deem necessary to fight this claim. Not only did Dr. Elist's attorney demand removal of the defamatory comments on, they also sent a claim to CloudFlare, which is a free cloud hosting service, or CDN.

    Not sure if thundersplace will go with a second amendment right to free speech as a counter, or right out prove the authenticity of the Txhog Elist silicone implant report. If that is not resolved, Dr. James Elist may win in court and Thunder's Place will be forced to remove the posts and threads from the forums. Adding CloudFlare to the complaint may force to remove said content. The consequences of a potential lawsuit may out way the value and worth of the txhog's Elist implant review, time will tell.

    Free speech blogs have started picking up on the Elist vs Thundersplace story, like the Popehat Signal article: Urologist Threatens Penis-Enhancement Forum, but the balls in's court. PR is important to doctors, Dr. Elist and his penuma implant recently appeared in the February 2016 GQ magazine article, Huge News! The Penis Implant is Here―a positive online profile that matches Dr. Elist's recent media and public relations efforts is a no-brainer.

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    Caution with Patient Reviews on quote on quote "Free Forums"

    Take free for all, anonymous forum's negative online reviews of doctors/surgeons and their practices with a grain of salt. Often anonymous patient reviews are written on forums and the like (message boards) for interests purely for the competition coming up in searches, or as a marketing scheme by a competitive niche. Too often money is involved to sway the masses. Do your penis enlargement surgery research with due diligence!

    There are 1000's of forums online that deal with male enhancement, some of the boards such as thundersplace have more sway with the searches when finding this type of information. Typically, positive reviews of penis surgery or phalloplasty are very hard to come by on the thunder's place site, and some positive reviews get booted, those are outed as fake, or can't possibly be true! For instance, a positive review from a Dr. Elist patient may get censored on the same forum that highlights a negative review.

    my 2 cents - MDick


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