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Medical milestone reached, first ever penis transplant a success!

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  • Medical milestone reached, first ever penis transplant a success!

    Outstanding new developments in medical science will have an enormous impact on the lives of millions of men around the world. Successful penis transplants have now been performed in South Africa and the United States of America! The implications of such awesome scientific breakthroughs boggle the mind!

    Transgenders wishing to be males will now be able to look, feel, and perform the way natural born males do. Men wishing to augment the size of their penis will have an opportunity to enlarge themselves many times greater than what has been previously available for gains in length and girth to this point.

    South African Surgical Team Does it Again, 2nd Penis Transplant Performed 2017

    The 1ST Successful Penis Transplant Performed in South Africa

    On December 11, 2014, a South African man received the world's first successful, fully functioning penis transplant. And, yes it Works! Amazing!

    A surgical team in South Africa performed a marathon transplant for a 21-year-old recipient who lost his penis in a botched circumcision a few years earlier. The transplant operation lasted an incredibly long 9hrs. Three months later in March of 2015, the recipient was reported to be doing fine and progressing well with his recovery after the long, complicated procedure. Full sensation has not returned and the doctors state a full recovery could take up to two years. However, the man is able to pass urine, have an erection, orgasm, and ejaculate.

    Updated reports have announced the South African man recently became a father.

    Penis Transplant a Success in the U.S.

    Related news: Thomas Manning, 64, a bank courier from Halifax, Mass., underwent a 15-hour penis transplant operation on May 8 and 9, 2016. The organ came from a deceased donor. Mr. Manning's penis had to be removed due to cancer. Now August, Mr. Manning is recovering well, able to urinate, and expected to regain full sensation within a year of his procedure. He stated he would not engage in sexual activity until then to ensure proper healing and function.

    These surgeries are experimental, part of research programs with the ultimate goal of helping combat veterans with severe pelvic injuries, as well as cancer patients and accident victims. Many years of research remain to be conducted before these transplants become common cosmetic procedures.

    Transgenders seeking a penis or men seeking a penis extension will not be considered as candidates for transplants at this time. Thomas Manning's procedure costs ranged from $50,000 to $75,000 with the surgeons donating their time. If penis transplants can be perfected and costs can be decreased, penis replacement cosmetic surgeries could be common in just a few decades.
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