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PMMA Non-Surgical Penis Girth Enlargement

Penis girth thickening is available non-surgically with Surgery Life Enhancement’s injectable PMMA girth enlargement procedures. There are no incisions or cutting with a scalpel, yet PMMA augmentation provides a permanent solution for girth enhancement. Our PMMA procedures are performed in a sterile and modern surgical center, not in an office or exam room! Treating thousands of men, SLE is the leading non-surgical male enhancement clinic and have specialized in PMMA girth enhancement since 2011.

PMMA Explainer Video

PMMA injections for penile girth augmentation is a viable alternative to penis enlargement surgery. PMMA girth enhancement provides a safe, permanent, aesthetic, and a much bigger, girthier penis size. In the 2013 explainer video, Surgery LIFE Enhancement’s own Phallocare Male Enhancement takes you into our procedure where Dan Salas details our nonsurgical PMMA penis enlarging process.

PMMA for Aesthetic Penis Growth & Permanent Results

Aesthetically, your new penis will appear very natural in both the flaccid and erect state. Similar to our penis enlargement surgery methods, PMMA girth thickening injections are performed with the patient’s penis in the erect state. Our erect PMMA injection protocol targets added girth well beyond the visibly exposed base of the penis to the ridge of the glans. Targeting added girth behind the visible penis base region, or inner penis requires an erection, otherwise, the base and inner penis regions are not accessible.

Our PMMA injection technique provides an even distribution of the injectable filler resulting in an even mapping of the penis that compliments the flaccid and erect state. PMMA placement in the erect state provides the best aesthetic enlargement results exclusively available from Surgery Life Enhancement Urological Surgeon, Doctor Colorado & Alvarez. Our PMMA girth enlargement provides men with instant and permanent girth gains. Once injected, the PMMA/collagen penis growth process is initiated and all of the individual microspheres of PMMA are surrounded with your own collagenous tissue.

SLE Procedures Quality & Safety Values

SLE brings you the penis enlargement surgery alternative: PMMA for permanent penis girth thickening. At Surgery LIFE Enhancement our patients’ safety and satisfaction are our very first priorities. Evelo™ PMMA for penis girth is of the finest quality and exclusively designed for our male enhancement clinic. From our state of the art operating room to our modern medical equipment, no expense was spared bringing our clients the absolute best care possible.

Our penis enlargement doctors inject and evenly distribute between 30cc’s to 80cc’s of our PMMA product while the patient’s penis remains in the erect state. This unique method provides the doctor with a true penile canvas where PMMA microspheres can successfully and aesthetically map the entire penis body (tunica albuginea). Our PMMA product is specifically designed for penis enlargement and developed for enhanced collagen activation, maximum gains, and natural aesthetics in both appearance and feeling.

Combining Enhancement Procedures with PMMA

PMMA girth enhancement can be combined and performed simultaneously with glans (head) augmentation during the same procedure. Men that desire to include penis lengthening with their PMMA packages are required to stage their procedures over the course of a few days. Our enhancement techniques are staged apart to ensure men’s maximum gains are realized in both penis length and girth. Typically, lengthening is performed first and followed by PMMA girth enhancement 72-hours later.

PMMA Enlargement Scheduling & Costs

We provide several PMMA girth packages based on PMMA volumes to be injected. Our volume packages range from 30cc’s to 80cc’s—offering men many customizable enhancement options including combining the PMMA penis-shaft enlargement with hyaluronic acid glans augmentation and/or penis lengthening surgery (combined length surgery packages require a 72-hour stay in order to complete the procedures in two phases).

PMMA pricing does not include airfare to San Diego or Tijuana Intl Airport, Hotel accommodations, or meal expenses during men’s stay. However, we do help men arrange these exclusions. Transportation from the San Diego airport to our medical facility may be provided by our private driver for $180.00 (includes a medical pass for expedited border passing).

    PMMA Girth Enhancement Packages Include:

  • Standard PMMA Enhancement: 30cc’s of Evelo™
  • Classic PMMA Enhancement: 45cc’s of Evelo™
  • Maximum PMMA Enhancement: 60cc’s of Evelo™
  • ‎Ultra PMMA Enhancement: 80cc’s of Evelo™

– General anesthesia
– CaverJect® to induce penis erection
– Surgery center costs
– All medical supplies related to your procedure
– Phallocare VIP services

Schedule PMMA Girth Enlargement

If you would like to proceed with our convenient scheduling process, give us a call or send us a confidential email and our experienced, no-pressure staff will action your personalized enhancement itinerary or answer any questions you may have about Surgery LIFE Enhancement’s products and services—statim! Due to our increasingly high demand, please consider scheduling your PMMA procedure well in advance. To maximize our availability, we operate Monday through Saturday—offering men flexible scheduling opportunities throughout the day.

PMMA Enlargement FAQ

What is PMMA & Why is PMMA Not Performed in the USA?

PMMA or Polymethylmethacrylate is a permanent filler consisting of microspheres suspended within a collagen matrix. Surgery Life Enhancement utilizes the medical grade PMMA brands Meta<>Crill, Evelo, or Linnea Safe in all our PMMA girth enhancement procedures. PMMA is available in the USA and manufactured in San Diego by Suneva Medical Inc. However, the United States FDA approved PMMA brand Bellafill®, formerly known as Artefill, is $500.00 per cc.

The costs of Bellafill PMMA in the USA makes the application for penile enhancement cost prohibitive. Bellafill is available to any patient for girth enhancement that does not mind the additional product costs involved. For successful PMMA penile shaft thickening, volumes of 30cc’s to 60cc’s, and in some cases, 80cc’s are utilized! Meta<>Crill (Brazil), Evelo (Italy) or Linnea Safe (Brazil) PMMA provide the perfect viscosity for permanent penis girth enhancement.

Does PMMA add Penis Length?

Yes, PMMA will add flaccid penile length. The PMMA product will help resist the penis from retracting. Penis retraction is also known as, “penis shrinkage” and is a phenomenon experienced by most men due to physiological and physical changes such as decreased blood circulation or colder weather. Flaccid length gains from PMMA of over 1 inch have been reported.