Multiple Session PMMA Injection Results Infographics

Multiple Session PMMA Injection Results

What can be accomplished with multiple session PMMA injection for male enhancement? The following infographics display the results possible with multiple PMMA injection sessions with SLE circa 2016 – 2018. The SLE patients staged their girth enlargement procedures several months apart to leverage full penis growth potential from the Poly(methyl methacrylate) and collagen tissue growth activation process.

Girth Enhancement Results Infographic – circa 2016

SLE has certainly advanced their male enhancement PMMA injection techniques since their origination. Primarily with SLE PMMA volume capacities utilized today compared to previously available methods. In 2016, 30cc to 45cc was considered the SLE Max package. Now, the SLE Max package consists of 60cc PMMA volume, pushing girth results past previous limitations with new technologies.

Patient opts for two 40cc+ PMMA injection sessions. Patient gained over 1.25 inches of erect girth circumference.

Patient stages two sessions of 40cc+ PMMA injection over several months to achieve max male enhancement girth results.

Advancements in Girth Enhancement Injection Techniquess

Not all penises are created equally. If a patient’s erect length can accommodate more PMMA volume injected, such as the SLE Ultra PMMA 80cc girth enhancement technique, above average patients can gain aesthetic girth circumference too!

SLE Ultra Girth Male Enhancement Methods

PMMA girth enhancement injection advancements.