Click on the link to view the demos and let us know if you have any questions: VIDEO TUTORIAL: V Jelq's for Penis Enlargement

The v-jelq puts more pressure on the sides of the shaft, really working the corpus cavernosa.
Step by Step and Video Tutorial's below:

Step 1: Form a "V" sign with your hand (V with the split between your middle and ring finder).

Step 2: Move the same hand underneath your penis so that the center of the V is holding your penis straight up. At this point, your fingers should be pointing towards your abs. Tighten the V around the base of your penis and curl your fingers up so they are pointing at the ceiling.

Step 3: Move your hand up the base when it reaches the head of the penis, pause and let go.

Step 4: With your other hand repeat steps 1 3

When letting go with your hand, your other hand should simultaneously be in the starting position.