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  • SLE Fraud!!

    Do Not go to these guys Dan Salas is a fraud! I had PMMA done in October 2022. They put 100cc in me and after about a month I was completely deformed and my penis basically looked and felt like a giant tumor. No amount of aftercare wrapping etc. did anything. I had no choice but to have it removed and Dan took $3000.00 from me to. Have Dr C remove it and completely ghosted me. I had to cancel my flight the night before and contacted Victor that had taken my payment. He also couldn’t get ahold of Dan so he called Dr Colorados office and he had no idea Dan had scheduled a surgery for me. May 1st I went to Beverly Hills and had Dr Mark Solomon remove all my PMMA. He said it was a total mess and my bodies reaction to the filler was actually more severe than the filler itself. His team was awesome they worked for 6months to get my insurance to approve the surgery and they covered it 100%. If any of you are having complications go straight to them trust me!!!! I’ll upload pics as I heal but here are my disastrous PMMA pics flaccid I was 9” in girth, erect really soft and completely unusable and I had big hard jagged nodules near the entry points.
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    OMG . who did this procedure ? Dan Salas or Dr Colorado ?


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      I am really sorry to see this happened to you . after procedure did you wrap for 3 weeks every day 24 hours ?


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        Dan is not in any way a doctor or has any formal medical training. Dr. Colorado did my Lengthening and PMMA surgery’s. I wrapped for about two months after surgery, after a while the wrapping didn’t do any good, once your body builds a reaction around the PMMA there isn’t anything you can do. I also wasn’t smart enough to ask for a lot number or given one from the product they used on me. Dr Solomon said that’s a huge red flag don’t go to Anyone that doesn’t show you exactly what they’re putting in you!! After my procedure Dan was more worried about me suing him than actually helping and according to Dan Dr. C denied any wrongdoing. I’ll keep everyone updated as I heal. Stay safe everyone and remember having a normal penis that works is better than having some fucked up unusable thing that you maybe stuck with the rest of your life!!!!!!


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