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Finally success! (Must read) Long journey

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  • Finally success! (Must read) Long journey

    I've had a very long journey, and after my recent visit 2/22/2021 I can finally say I've found success. I started this PE journey back in 2003. I went to San Luis Obispo, California with high expectations and very little understanding. I had skin graphs implanted with my own tissue, and what was supposed to be a lengthening as well. The doctor was less than pleasant and it's safe to say my experience was a nightmare. The only positive that came of that was that I met Dan. He was fairly new in the business in this environment as best I remember. But I remember him being the only person that seemed passionate and understanding of my concerns. After that procedure I was in alot of pain and had alot of retraction.

    After a while mostly everything reabsorbed and I was only left with the scars and alot of discomfort and pain. I dealt with that for a few years, until I looked up and found Dan again. He was working in Anaheim, California by this time. I told him I wasn't well, and he educated me on this new doctor he was with, and assured me that he could help. He did. I flew out, and had dermal graphs implanted. Most importantly, the pain was gone. I had heavy scar tissue when I arrived, and my sutures were poorly placed causing extreme discomfort. Besides finally having relief from the pain, I managed to have a little gain as well. Honestly though, not much. I attribute that to my body's natural reaction to the trauma. I thought I was done at that point. But I always kept in touch with Dan and considered him a friend.

    All these years later I started looking into PMMA. I called Dan to say hello after I seen him pop up during my search. Dan was even more enthusiastic and excited and passionate about PE. He told me he was in Tijuana. I was not comfortable with the thought of going to Mexico for the procedure, so I just kicked it around for a while. After a while and after lots of research I thought it was best to go with someone I knew. Dan. I expressed concerns about how PMMA would work with me after my two prior procedures. We talked it through and I decided to make the trip. I'm so glad I did. This experience was so much better than I ever expected.

    First, Everado picked me up in San Diego, talked me through some questions and concerns, and drove me to the facility where Caesar, one of the assistants on the team were there. Very pleasant and informative. Made sure I was comfortable and answered all my questions and made sure my concerns were addressed. The entire staff was pleasant. From the lovely lady that drew my blood work for my pre-op, to the doctor that reviewed it and was thorough with my medical screening to make sure I was good to go. Not to mention the wonderful woman that somehow got my IV tapped without a vein showing because I was dehydrated, cold, and nervous. The anesthesiologist came in, introduced himself, answered my questions and assured me I'd be fine.

    Dr. Colorado was very attentive to my concerns, and was very patient explaining to me exactly what I could expect. I really appreciate that. Dan was there and made sure that I was comfortable and was probably more excited than I was. The staff in the surgery area were very professional and considerate of the situation. I wasn't embarrassed or awkward. To be honest I didn't know what to expect, but I knew it wasn't this. I went into surgery flaccid at about 5.2 girth (remember I had two procedures prior) When the anesthesia wore off, it was very slow, I wasn't groggy or nauseous. I was observed for an hour or so and given liquids. I stayed at the Grand Hotel in Tijuana, very nice!

    The next morning Dan and Caesar came to check on me, educate me on the correct way to wrap and what to expect. I literally had ZERO pain. I was resting at just over 7" girth. Even still, four days later, I have absolutely no pain at all. I see bruising but no pain. No complications. Nothing but the peace of mind and feeling happy with my decision to go to Tijuana. Believe me people, the worries, fears, discomfort, doubts, reservations about having surgery outside the Country for whatever reason. All those things that I know WE ALL think, get past them. You will be so happy you did. This is the best experience I could have expected. I've told Dan that he is free to share my information with anyone that has questions about my experience.

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    You have any pictures?


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      I apologize. I'm just seeing your response. Dan can send you the pictures from the surgery. I'm over a month post-op now and intend to post photos soon. I've leveled out at about 7.5 girth and no issues otherwise.


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        I am a month post-op. I apologize for the delay I have just been swamped with work. I have no issues or areas of concern. I've leveled out about 7.5 girth. I intend to post photos very soon. In the meantime Dan can share my photos on the website. I'm very happy with the results.


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          I’d like to see pictures of your results.


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