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  • Big Cuban Cigar
    H3o I think that 7x6.5 in the erect state is possible with the lengthening surgery and pmma procedure. I'm trying to keep my penis from turtling too. I've been taking L-arginine and vitamin E so I can have a longer flaccid hang. I'm researching other supplements as well.

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  • H3o
    started a topic Grower needs opinions

    Grower needs opinions

    So I've been researching for a while and can't find this answer

    I am a very extreme grower. Sometimes my flaccid can be less than a 1", but my bpel is 6". My girth right now is 5.25 mid shaft. If I do pmma and the ligament cut will that help my flaccid? Also would it be reasonable to say that I could possibly obtain a 7x6.5 erect state?
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