I was looking at your awesome website and I'm interested in your dermal graft surgery options. IMHO, having my own tissue and not playing around with foreign fillers is more appealing. On the SLE phalloplasty page the gains and methodology are described in detail for the erect lengthening surgery, but gains, recovery time, and your surgical methods for dermal grafting are not mentioned, or am I missing something?

I'm currently 5 inches thick at the widest point below the glans and 7.25 inches long and want to gain the max girth possible. I read on the PMMA page that the doctor also does glans enlargement with a hyaluronic filler, is there an option with the H.A. filler and autologous dermal grafting widening? This is the dermal graft page I'm referring to: penis enlargement surgery with autologous dermal grafts. I Googled it and read on another penis surgeons website how the doctor performs a triple augmentation procedure. The triple augmentation is lengthening, widening with dermal grafts, and a glanular surgery. Dr. Camacho your surgeries are all done independently 6 months apart?

I just got out of a decade marriage and want to make a dozen changes and enjoy life to the fullest! I call it my "1 year transformation." I want to get some lipo and hair restoration done first, so I'm at least 6 months out until I can transform my penis. Is there a waiting list for phalloplasty, or should I schedule right before I come down to TJ?

Thanks for your time - Paul