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Beware of Fake News from Fake PE Forums

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  • Beware of Fake News from Fake PE Forums

    I can attest to legitimate PE forums as I know many of the owners personally. Nice to meet you! I'm Dick and have been involved with penis enlargement press releases and media for over 15 years. Over this time I have forged tremendous relationships with many legitimate PE forums such as Matters of Size Forum, PEGym Forums, Thunder's Place, and Men's Health Forums. These forums are upfront about their intentions–there are no hidden agendas.

    It is obvious Matters of Size (MOS) offers free penis enlargement education about natural penis enlargement exercises, Thunder's Place offers free natural penis enlargement exercises demonstrated with detailed video and instructions, and PEGym the same but with their own theories about penis enlargement techniques and methods.

    Examples of what's obvious and up front:
    • MOS is affiliated with Bathmate Hydromax, Size Genetics, and also have their own line of male enhancement DVD's and PE equipment.
    • PEGym Forums is affiliated with Phallosan Forte, Size Genetics, Penimaster, and Bathmate Hydromax to name a few.
    • Surgery Life Enhancement | Phallocare Forums originated in 2015. They are upfront, clear, vocal, and show you their procedures and doctors.

    Beware of Fake Forum Reports and Fake PE Journals!

    Men's online surgical penis enlargement journals originally debuted practically the same day the Internet went live. Such personal journals started to emerge even on the strictest natural penis enlargement forums. Threads with self-evident titles such as "My Penis Surgery Experience," 2005 and "My Penis Surgery Experience - Update w/ Pix," 2006 are what we call, "pure" or "untainted" without ulterior motives, agendas or rampant doctor funneling.

    It would be far less sinister for a "Free Forum" to make a few bucks on the side from penis pumps or extenders but when there are human beings involved, their health, safety, and well-being are all at stake and we certainly can not play that game. A penis forum, phalloboards, provides several men's journals about medical procedures specifically for penis enlargement. If you really read through the reviews only certain doctors are shown in a positive light, most prominently, Dr. Casavantes or "Dr. C" from Avanti Derma operating out of Tijuana.

    Skeptical. Yes, skeptical is their marketing strategy. Being aware men are very skeptical about surgical penis procedures, they use this to their advantage and you are unwittingly subjected to volumes of positive info regarding their highlighted PE doctor practitioners and funneled through stacks of negative phalloplasty doctor reviews about competing clinics. These negative doctor reviews are typically targeted toward popular, documented, and well-established phalloplasty doctors and clinics such as Dr. Victor Loria, Dr. James Elist, and others. Often, men find their way to phalloboards forums though these negative, anonymous, and unverifiable review journals. Granted, there are some real first-person accounts mixed in but who can trust the info as a whole?

    Pre-dating this forum, reviews about Dr. Casavante's and Avanti Derma's PMMA procedure appeared on authority plastic surgery review websites such as Make Me Heal. The Casavante's review posted in 2013 makes claim warning that the phalloboards forum, or "cassavantes' forum, " as referred to by the author, Rick, is not what it appears to be. Rick documents the fact that, "posts were deleted and my IP banned by the so called moderators for sharing my details when I first got sick."

    Don't take my word for it... "I am another victim of this doctor" Make Me Heal Dr. Casavantes Review

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    Dr. Casavantes Review #2 - "Bad reaction to filler" "Sinister" - 2012

    MariamCL's Dr. Casavantes review was authored about her boyfriend who went to Avanti Derma and urges men that her boyfriend's experience resulted in "constant trips to the urologist, pain, anxiety, swollen [glans] and other medical complications. He was perfectly healthy before this sinister treatment. Now the doctor has his money, and he has nothing to show for it but pain and agony. It really breaks my heart. I beg you please do not visit this doctor. If he damages you, you will have a very hard time coping. He offered us no solutions, not even a refund."

    As evidenced by this Dr. Casavantes review on Make Me Heal from 2012:

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    Ripoff Report review titled "Beware of Nurse Wade Zobel for Dr. Casavantes of Avanti Derma Tijuana Mexico"

    Richard Johnson from Las Vegas Nevada writes on ripoff report's website about his complaints regarding "Wade" from Avanti Derma and calls out phallobaords as a shill site for Wade and Dr. Casavantes. The author goes on to write, "In truth, the entire PhalloBoards forum is a complete and utter shill web site for Wade and Dr. Casavantes. Their standard procedure of injecting 20 units of 20% PMMA filler is the holy grail of p***s enlargement. Anything else and you might as well cut your d*** off."


    Ripoff Review UPDATE: Avanti Derma "EX-employee responds"

    An alleged former Avanti Derma employee comes forward and states; "during the time I worked avanti derma I saw good things and bad things. That is normal with any cosmetic procedure. Regarding the I can let you guys know that yes, DR. C and Wade basically control what's gets published or not. They are not directly the owners of the Website, but they give free procedures and all expenses paid trips to TJ to the owner and moderators.

    As evidenced by a recent Ripoff Report from a former Avanti Derma Employee:

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    By the way, my real name is Al, not Dick but I play one on the Internet!

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