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Speechless about the "new" Phalloboards

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  • Speechless about the "new" Phalloboards

    Part 1.

    When SLE started offering PMMA back in 2011 as the Phallocare Male Enhancement Clinic, we wanted to provide the best male enhancement experiences coupled with state-of-the-art PMMA girth enhancement products (see image 1a) and facilities. Initially, we took a lot of low-blows from the online community for moving into popular territory from southern California. 9 years later we are the #1 provider of PMMA injections for penis enlargement. SLE provides multiple girth options with 30% Linnea Safe PMMA (see image 1b) performed in a modern surgery center (see image 1c) by a board certified urologist, Dr. Colorado.

    Now, in 2020 with thousands of girth enhancement cases performed by SLE under our belt, we remain professional and very positive about all other enhancement clinics, but, what's with the "new phalloboards?" To understand, we must rewind to a couple years ago, a member by the name Skeptical One had his ass handed to him for lack of better words about slander and false information written on another PE board. You see, when things are hidden and anonymous, or when you hide behind an avatar, it's easy to spout off false information and this information was/is certainly not coming from our patients! Soon after, he quit operating phalloboards and the site was shut down for several months. A few previous members of the old board felt it necessary to carry on with the important information available on the site, and rallied on 3rd party sites like Reddit discussing the shut-down.

    Months later, the site has emerged once again fully commercialized. It has come to our attention that again, false information and slander about SLE are being touted as some inside information aimed at our patients trying to share their first-hand experiences about SLE (which are always deleted), and from opinions of our valued members here, the "new phalloboards" probably came with a "new Skeptical One;" because he obviously didn't get the memo. The new site not only monetizes Avanti Derma like before, but other clinics have been added which are placed in the forefront/spotlight.

    Why all the hoopla about Surgery LIFE Enhancement?

    Facts: SLE is the Number 1 Competitor.
    So what are they hiding, or what did the new phalloboard's owner miss? Silicone? That's what they claim? But...Why? If men want silicone penises it's an easy trip to southern Florida! Silikon 1000 is sold as a girth enhancement right in Miami! If that was our direction, SLE would advertise as such; if men want the best PMMA enlargement clinic, they come to SLE in TJ. Fun fact, PMMA is ample, cost-effective (especially at our sold-to-date volumes), and readily available in Mexico!

    We tried to be civil, to work together for the better good of enlarging penises. To-date, SLE has remained professional if ever asked about any other male enhancement clinics during phone consults, or contained within our emails. We have believed since 1996 (TLE, Phallocare, SLE) that taking shots, or low blows at competitors just makes us all look bad. We are not petty, and certainly not money motivated after all these years, and would never resort to downing other providers for a buck. As you can imagine, this comes with a heavy heart and we do not take this lightly. A reality so shocking, we have had many long-night discussions amongst the SLE board members about the ramifications this may have within the non-surgical enlargement community; again, not to reiterate, but it just makes everyone look bad in an industry already fighting for legitimacy.

    Truths: What are they hiding and suppressing besides bad reviews of their chosen money making clinics? Silicone injections by Avanti Derma (see image 2a). Avanti Derma male on male sexual assault, YES (see image 2b). Or not to be.

    Read the fully translated sexual assault legal document filed against Avanti Derma below.

    [Translation] To whom it May concern:
    I _Redacted________________ Age____Redacted______Nationality___Redacted________________________________

    I record and voluntarily declare the following events that occurred in my person.

    First, a few months ago, I looked for online services for the penile bioplasty procedure. Atreves of the forum was that I learned about Dr. Casavantes and his bioplasty techniques with the material called PMMA. I asked for reports and my nurse Wade Zobel answered some questions.

    Second I decided to go with another doctor for the procedure in January 2015. After some complications I returned to Tijuana to see the doctor who operated on me. I asked for an appointment with Dr Casavantes to have a second opinion before going to the doctor who originally operated on me. I was summoned for a consultation on March 26, 2015 at 2pm.

    Third I arrived at Dr. Casavantes' office and they brought me to his office. Enter with the doctor and his nurse Wade Zobel. The consultation began with my explanation that I had an operation with the pmma material and resulted in complications and that I wanted a second opinion and assessment.

    Fourth I examined the doctor and wrote his report as well as taking pictures of the affected area. He gave me his suggestion to leave the material in its place since in his long-term opinion it was possible for the material to accommodate itself. We continue talking about the possible complications of extraction. The doctor asked me to return to the office after my appointment with the doctor who originally operated for me to share with Dr. Casavantes what was going to happen with my case since he was interested in my progress.

    Fifth At the end of the conversation, nurse Wade asked me if I wanted to see how my penis should be seen originally after the procedure. I agreed and said yes, at that moment Dr. Casavantes left the office closed the door and left us alone.

    Sixth Wade told me to feel it so he could see how pmma should feel. I felt his penis and progress to try to show me how it should really feel. At that moment he began to have a wade erection and I continued to give him a penis massage. I'm looking for cream or some type of lubricant for me to masturbate.

    Seventh Wade noticed that I also had an erection and began to stroke my penis. I took it out and started masturbating while he masturbated. He started giving me oral sex and I also gave him oral sex. We spent more than half an hour in the office having oral sex until one of the nurses knocked on the door and through the closed door said that Dr. Casavantes was waiting for him.

    Eighth Wade asked me to come back later to finish. I left the office and said goodbye. When he left the office he gave a panic attack and a despair over what had happened. I felt that I simply went to a medical office and ended up having sex with someone who neither knew nor knew his state of health.

    Ninth I went to the consultation with my doctor who had originally operated on me and when I finished I went to Dr Casavantes' office to inform him about my consultation with my doctor and what plan I had for my case. I arrived at Dr Casavantes' office and they passed me to a private waiting room. The doctor came from again with the nurse and I began to communicate the operating plan that my doctor had to correct the deformity.

    Tenth Dr Casavantes gave me his opinion and we continue talking about my case. At the end of the conversation the doctor said goodbye to me and again left me alone with Wade. At that moment the nurse asked me if we could finish what we had started sexually a few hours ago. I told him that I really did not feel comfortable with what had happened and that I had a partner, he began to explain to me that nothing was happening, that he also wanted to be faithful to my age but that the reality was different.

    Eleventh I reiterated that I did not feel comfortable and stopped to open the door and leave the waiting room, at the same time he stopped to close the door, I opened it before he could close it and left with me and said goodbye telling me that there was any doubt or question to send an email or just call.

    Twelfth I went back to the hotel to rest and called Dr. Casavantes to ask for the phone number of a specialist for the extraction of PMMA material, he gave it to me and asked if he knew if Wade had any sexually transmitted infection or HIV. He told me he didn't have any Wade and I wonder why. At that moment I told him that Wade and I had had sex in his office. He apologized and told me that he had previously had to liquidate an assistant for the same, but that was the first time he learned about Wade.

    Trezavo told me that he would talk to Wade and do what was necessary but that for the moment I didn't worry since I had enough to worry about, I regret the fact that I have a partner and that this happened and he told me that in the end we were men and These things used to happen, that I would not add more fuel to the situation by implying that it was not so much. I explained that I was very upset with the fact that something of this type happened in a supposedly professional office with well-trained and highly trained staff recognized.

    He told me to calm down and that he would make the right decisions and again he apologized and told me that if I had any questions about the procedure that was there to solve my doubts. He told him that he didn't know what he was going to do but that he would contact me soon. There the conversation ended. After a few hours I got an email from Wade saying that if I had any doubts I would contact him and that I wanted to know how the procedure had been corrected. Do not you answer him.

    Name Redacted to protect the innocent [/Translation]

    Image 1a
    early pmma products utilized by the Dan Salas team at Phallocare

    Image 1b
    Dan Salas in 2020 featuring Surgery LIFE Enhancement's choice PMMA product Linnea Safe 30% PMMA.

    Image 1c
    Surgery LIFE Enhancement's 2020 state-of-the-art surgical center.

    Image 2a
    Avanti Derma Utilizing Silicone Injections for Enhancement.

    Image 2b
    Avanti Derma Sexual Assault Document Part 1.
    Avanti Derma Sexual Assault Document Part 2

    Very Truly Yours,
    Surgery LIFE Enhancement

    Surgery LIFE Enhancement · Phallocare Male Enhancement As Seen In 👉  BBC documentary, My Penis and Everyone Else's, featuring Phallocare (SLE) in 2007.        SLE As Seen In LG Hanger.

  • #2
    Part 2.

    They needed a boogie man (especially initially), someone who greatly amplified the penis enlargement industry's popularity level at that time with the first "concept model" that is employed today by copycats, second generation sites such as phalloboards. An interactive forum where men shared experiences with before and after pictures through journals. For sake of their claims, at the time MyNewSize was the #1 go to site for up-to-the-second updates on the newest enlargement procedures available. But it was about shilling? - Remember, this is "why" phalloboards was created... (see image 3a)

    From the obvious popularity developed at MyNewSize (Chad's site), PB recognized a big hole, a major vacuum when the owner of MNS decided to pursue another career-He was tired of it/ the drama (much like when phalloboards shutdown a few months back, guys we're like where do we go now?) Much of Chad's decision to leave the enlargement industry was due to his disastrous surgery results received at the hands of Dr. Krakovsky, in which, Chad fully documented for the world to see with graphic images. (According to PB,
    Warning Major Shilling for Dollars)
    This exposé is fully available on the web archive:

    To say the least, Chad decided to end his leadership role of MyNewSize and from this vacuum, to propel their own new site, PB claimed the fake righteous card and went with negativity and sensationalism instead of educational foundations to spark a start, and one of their boldest claims was and still is, "MyNewSize was a shill for Dr. Elist," they claim till this day! (see image 3b)

    Phalloboards wants to take you way back, 2003 - 2010. Yes over a decade ago and believe it or not, we were around and deeply involved in the surgical enlargement industry during those years. They want you believe something they think NO ONE WILL REMEMBER! Dan Salas kept on to a particular document for many years now, he knew the day would come to finally set the truth straight.

    At SLE we are true gentlemen and wish the best to all penis enlargement providers. However, phalloboards claim that "Dan and Chad" were shills for Dr. Elist must end. The lie that this is why they started the PB forum must end. Recently, there was a great rise-up when Dr. Elist threatened a review at ThundersPlace. Many sites, like our own, rallied to support the man's right to review a dr. on a message board, I mean free speech right?

    But, MyNewSize, Dan Salas, and Chad Hedman we're shills for Dr. Elist? Phalloboards was above-it-all starting a "new forum" to ban, and harass doctors and providers that don't sponsor PB? Please view an original document from Dr. Elist's lawyers threatening Chad Hedman of MyNewSIze. Doesn't seem like a shill type of conversation, but
    Warning, According to Phalloboards, it's been verified by their "long term members:"

    Glad Danny kept this
    ☝️ cease and desist document from Dr. Elist all these years! The primary difference being, like a true gentleman, he kept this doc-threat to himself and didn't tout for false status of righteousness. Phalloboards claims are false and untrue. Fake News!

    Image 3a
    Phalloboards false claims they created PB because of Dan, Chad, MyNewSize shilling for Elist, Krakovsky and the like. Fake News!

    Image 3b
    Phalloboards claim to started PB because Dan Salas and Chad Hedman were shills for Dr. Elist. False!

    Very Truly Yours,
    Surgery LIFE Enhancement

    Surgery LIFE Enhancement · Phallocare Male Enhancement As Seen In 👉  BBC documentary, My Penis and Everyone Else's, featuring Phallocare (SLE) in 2007.        SLE As Seen In LG Hanger.


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